Takshaven 55, 5330 Munkebo - Denmark

My passion is being creative 

All my sculptures are detailed, unique and often born in my mind within seconds after talking to my clients about their wishes.


I create custom crafted 
creative Art in Steel 

My sculptures combines the wishes of the client and my style. My style has developed over the years and will continue to do so all my life!

Jakob Lillesø


Last Stage
Two Nightmares
The Real Bass Player
Tattooed In a Fairytale
Dead man Walking
Not Present
The First Cartographer
Closing Time

Order your own unique sculpture

My sculptures are great gifts as they often carry elements of the one receiving the sculpture, but also because its a gift that shows dedication from the giving party. Gifts like these give lasting memories and joy. They are also used as a tattoo to yourself but in the form of a sculpture that symbols a time or achievement in your life.

All in all the sculptures makes people remember important times and people. 


Give me a call or send an e-mail


Between 3 to 6 weeks


We agree on the overall idea and I craft a unique sculpture that contains elements of your own ideas and pictures shared and my creative style


Each sculpture is different and so is the price. Contact me to discuss

A dream of 
creating unique art 
came true

Born in 1982 in a small town on Funen in Denmark.

I am happily married to Sabine and a proud father to Kristoffer and Karoline.

The Lillesø family has a long history within the steel industry so it might have been my destiny to create sculptures in metal steel.

My dream is to be able to live from crafting sculptures and other art creations

Artish Regards
Jakob Bisgaard Lillesø